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Company statement regarding Covid-19

Polanco, 18th March 2020

Dear customers and suppliers:

In FAED GROUP the most important thing for us at this critical point is the people. Therefore and in order to look for the wellness of our crew and inmmediate business environment at METCOEX, FAED FUNDICIÓN, FAED MECANIZADOS and EUROFUCAN, we have decided to activate exceptional measures leading to facilitate and secure the availability and quality of our products for customers and suppliers.

  • Customer service: our sales team is opperating normally by receiving inquiries throughout our internationally communication channels.
  • Production and manufacturing: all the companies members of FAED GROUP are in the same way operating normally in order to comply with the agreed deadlines and commitments of our customers, while we have stablished several measures to guarantee a safe labour conditions for all of us.
  • Work-life balance and support to our workers: with the aim of easing family life (caring for children and older people) and daily work for our employees we have started a procedure of telework for office staff that enable them to follow their tasks while insuring at all times that the quality of our services will not be affected.
  • Access to our facilities by third parties: FAED GROUP facilities will remain oppened, although we hardly recommend customers, suppliers and other visitors to come only when strictly necesary and following the security measures formulated by the Spanish Government at all times.
  • Deliveries: will be made with the means and actions for our logistics agents and carriers to guarantee their own security procedures and protocols. It is extremely important for us to ensure that our commercial activity will not risk any of our partners. We are aware that delays can happend, but we are hardly working on minimise the impact this can cause in agreed delivery time periods.

FAED GROUP TEAM would like to express our most sincere appreciation for the efforts and compromise of thousands of people on these exceptional dates to reach again stabillity and normalitty as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


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